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The 7 Golden Rules To Look After Your New Shoes 

1) Waterproof your shoes - would you go out in the rain without an umbrella?! The same notion should be applied to your new shoes. Waterproofing your shoes protects them from water and helps prevent stains.  

2) Clean your shoes after each wear - it is definitely worth it -  clean, shiny shoes make the best first impression! 

3) Use a shoe horn when putting on flats, high heels and court shoes - this will prevent you breaking the backs down.

4) Use shoe trees/non acid tissue paper to pad your shoes out with stuffing. This allows your shoes to retain their original shape.

5) Try to avoid wearing the same pair of shoes on two consecutive days - this is also the perfect excuse to buy lots of shoes online!

6) Clean your shoes with a cleansing cream, dry them and then polish them with a soft cloth. You love your shoes and this will keep them looking just as pretty as they were when you first locked eyes on them.

7) Finally Location, Location, Location - When storing your new shoes it's best for them to live in their original boxes to prevent them from being squashed. Or if you own too many shoes and will look like a warehouse with all of those shoe boxes we suggest you dedicate a whole room to your love of ladies shoes and continue to buy pretty heels and look after them with the simple 6 Golden Rules above! 

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