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Download a PDF Shoe Size Chart to measure what shoe size you are.

(when printing select:- scale to paper size > no scaling)


Measure your shoe size manually with the easy step by step guide below

Step 1: Measure Your feet

  • Stand on a sheet of cardboard/thick card wearing socks with your back against a wall
  • Ensure your heel is pressed firmly against the wall and keep your foot flat on the cardboard
  • Draw a line across the tip of your big toe
  • Measure the distance in cm between the edge of the cardboard and the line you draw at the point of your big toe (round up to the next mm)

Step 2: Work Out Your Shoe Size

  • Use the following shoe size conversion chart below to work out your shoe size.
  • Between sizes? We advise that you order the shoe in the next size up
  • Please note: All Kindred Sole shoes on are stated in UK Shoe Sizes. You can use the shoe size chart below to convert from EU, US shoe sizes to UK


shoe size conversion chart

It is important for you to know your shoe size so that you are comfortable in the shoes you purchase. Knowing your shoe size will stop you from returning or keeping shoes that do not fit properly. Download our shoe size chart to find out your exact shoe size. Use our shoe size conversion chart if you need to convert from UK, European or American shoe sites. If you are between sizes on our shoe size conversion chart or our shoe size chart please go up a size.