Kate Middleton, we adore The Duchess of Cambridge style, poise and total sophistication and don't even get us started on that hair do!

Our fave royal Kate Middleton will be visiting Kindred Sole's hometown of Leicester for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations with Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. Not only with Kate Middleton be visiting Leicester, she is also visiting founders of Kindred Sole Beth and Lizze university: De Montfort University!

Whilst in Leicester, Kate Middleton will be judging a university shoe competition at De Montfort University. The Duchess of Cambridge will pick her favourite design shortlisted from students at the prestigious Footwear Design course at De Montfort University, during her Diamond Jubilee visit to Leicester 

Kate Middleton - Style Crush

Kate Middleton is fast becoming known as The Queen of Style << total swoon! And she will be putting her stylish eye to the test whilst judging the footwear competition at DMU Leicester. Kate will meet the six talented students when she visits the campus alongside the Queen, during the first official Diamond Jubilee engagement on March 8.

The Duchess of Cambridge's favourite design will then be expertly crafted to her exact specifications at De Montfort University before the very special shoes are delivered to the Duchess. 

Can you imagine how amazing it will be for the six talented footwear designers, not only to meet the Duchess of Cambridge but one of them will be actually making a pair of shoes - for her! Wow talk about a very special shoe commision!